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Weekly Update June 4th

Busy busy week for us. Here is a quick update on what we have going on here at Walter D’Andrea Bodyworks.

We finished up the HHR for one of our long time clients, Ted Parker. Check out our paint gallery for more detailed pictures.

On to the next project. This is what a Prevost Luxury Coach looks like when we have to break it down to build it back up. It hurts to see a $1.5 million coach like this! Check back for more progress pictures on this beauty.

Here is what is in our paint booth as we speak. Going to try to get the trailer cleared today, look for completed pictures next week (hopefully).

Last but not least, here is what we’ll be working on. The trailer will match the Prevost coach. Custom designed by us, the stripes and design will flow “off” the coach and onto the trailer.

Thanks for your time!

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