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Graphics Overhaul for Alan Harris

Here is one of the more common jobs for our graphics department. The classic “My factory graphics are peeling off and I need help”. Here is what the Montana fifth wheel looked when it came to us. If you click on the first picture, you’ll see how badly the vinyl was peeling.

After some stripping off the old graphics, we buffed out the whole entire unit to bring out the gloss and got rid of some of the yellowing.

Now we originally wanted to go with the original design. I have a problem with that. With me, personally, I would like to be unique. I like to be different. I do not want to roll into an RV park and have someone there with the same exact design as me. So I worked with Alan and came up with this new, fresh design just for him. He will be the only Montana looking as amazing as this. Alan, congratulations on a beautiful vehicle.

When we removed the old graphics, we were able to quickly identify the materials used. I won’t name the manufacturer, but they are the budget end of the graphics industry. Do you want budget graphics on your high end vehicle?

We used 3M graphics film with a 3M high gloss overlaminate. The overlaminate is what protects the colors, blocks the harmful UV rays, thus keeping the colors beautiful and vivid!

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