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Faded Marble – An Industry First

You know when we’re busy when we can’t take 5 minutes to post some pictures.

Here is a before shot of the Project Eagle Prevost Coach:


As you can see the paintjob is very generic, designed to be easy to paint in order to speed along production of coaches. We wanted to change things up a bit. We wanted to do something no one has done before. Below you’ll see some stripes along the bottom bay doors. They are a burgundy to black faded stripes. What is so different? They’re marble finish. No one else has pulled off this feature. Faded marble stripes are a first and Walter D’Andrea Bodyworks brought it to you first. Click the pics for larger versions so you can see the details.

Walter D’Andrea Bodyworks – #1 when it comes to custom paint jobs for Prevost coaches.

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